privilege level

privilege level
   1. Those rights granted to a user or a group of users by the network administrator that determine the functions the user can execute. Rights form an important component of network security and can include supervisor rights and read, write, erase, and modify rights, along with several others.
   2. A form of protection built into Intel microprocessors. The Intel microprocessor architecture provides two broad classes of protection. One is the ability to separate tasks by giving each task a separate address space. The other mechanism operates within a task to protect the operating system and special processor registers from access by applications. Within a task, four privilege levels are defined. The innermost ring is assigned privilege level 0 (the highest, or most trusted, level), and the outermost ring is privilege level 3 (the lowest, or least privileged, level). Rings 1 and 2 are reserved for the operating system and operating system extensions; level 3 is available to applications. This protection is maintained by complex circuitry in the processor's memory management unit.

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